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Hi dear colleague,

Welcome to my replenishing initiative on Decluttering and Organizing Well.

I have been in business for 3 years now, and have helped tens of client to learn how to declutter and organize their homes and personal space. My team and I are actively researching and specializing in the decluttering, organizing and fighting against the post-trauma manifestations.

The programs, we developed over time, allows our client to better recover from their stressful experience, trauma, or PTSD,… in addition to the recovery they highly benefit from our programs by transforming their life with defined objectives, organized thoughts, and healthy habits, .. plus they develop new routines and knowledge to transform and maintain their home into their “new” judiciously organized and tidy living space.

I have been often seeked through these years by professionals to train them or their staff on “how to deal with severe cases of hoarding in comorbidity with traumatic experience”. Even sometime, I was called to help professionals with more severely impacted clients, when many-many things were tried. I can now say that we are seeked from professionals all around Canada as the experts in decluttering for people who are suffering from traumatic scars.

I will be honored and glad to help you by providing workshops for professionals, speaking engagements for larger groups, or by guiding your client with one of our our programs in their decluttering journey.



  • “Thank you for all your work.  Your book is better than anything I have seen to help people with the Psychology of Clutter.  I think anyone who has clutter probably has had trauma of some kind although maybe not complete PTSD or maybe not diagnosed.  This can be for anyone who wants to organize and improve their life. It is very complete. Thank you both.”

  • “Who would think that something as simple as de-cluttering your life, your living space and your mind could help you heal from PTSD? This easy and effective technique is empowering PTSD victims to take charge of their own healing and move toward reclaiming their ‘normal’ life.”

    Barry Spilchuk
    Barry Spilchuk Founder of and Coauthor of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul
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