DO Well

Empowering clients to overcome their trauma through decluttering & organizing.


JM Tetreault, Founder
Since his youth, Jean-Michel (JM) has had an unwavering passion for assisting others.
Upon joining the military in 2006, JM soon realized his talents in helping injured brothers in combat – no matter whether it be a physical or mental ailment, from broken arms to PSTD.
This experience, alongside his own traumatic events during childhood, enabled JM to support his wife in addressing and recovering from C-PTSD – in addition to coaching and mentoring fellow officers while in the Canadian military.
He has since led the re-organization of start-ups and established businesses alike, including the technology sector and public service institutions. JM applies practicality and analytics to every situation, streamlining each level of a company for maximum efficiency.
As the co-founders of DO Well, JM and his wife aid clients in unlocking their inner potential. JM specializes in promoting house organization and decluttering as effective ways to address trauma-based fears and start enjoying life once again.
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Our 112-page book teaches readers about the fundamentals of PTSD, how it can manifest in everyday life, and actions they can take to overcome these obstacles.
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Featuring online courses and live Q&A calls every month via Zoom, clients enjoy learning about and receiving ongoing support at every stage of their decluttering journey.
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