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on October 29, 2018
2pm EST

What we’ll cover in this event...

  • How PTSD and Hoarding can be related
    Discover throught a model that a link exist between having had a trauma and having the tendency to hold onto stuff.

  • What are the effects of getting diagnose with a mental illness
    How being diagnose impact the dignity, the liberty and the identity of a client.

  • Why do people collapse and accumulate more stuff
    When people accumulate stuff, they try to fix the problem themselves, does it work?

  • How to control clutter?
    By working on decluttering and organizing 4 areas, we can help people feel better and take control of their life.


Coping with PTSD
Training & Coaching

We help refocus your mind, behaviors and habits to get your environment peaceful, clean, organized, and comfortable.

Have an Efficient Office

By having an organized office, you can save around 2 hours per week. What can you do with that extra time?

Put That Stuff Down

Put That Stuff Down
Coping with PTSD through a Decluttering Journey 

Get Organize

Unparalleled shopping experience, delivering great merchandise at affordable prices.



Shhhh!!! How many time did you tried to sorted your desk or the pile of mail on your counter top? 

Our private coaching ensures you success, by creating new habits, installing an organizing system that will bring you peace of mind, and improving your quality of life. 

Stop procrastinating and contact us.

Features on
TV Rogers

Since 2016, Valerie appears monthly on the TV Broadcast Entre Nous. She talks about decuttering and organizing.

Event in Ottawa

In front of hundred woman entrepreneur Valerie had explained how decluttering can help save 100 hours per year.


Inspiration! Motivation! Self-Confidence!

Our genuine stories help your audience develop trust, self-confidence and believe in possibilities. They will be happy to have participate in your event. 

We can speak on numerous subjects. Our specialties are mental health and high performance.


Valerie gave a talk about the relation that exist between clutter and peace of mind.

Professional Organizer

Our professional and qualified organizers are member of Professional Organizer in Canada


Michelle Marie Lafleur

I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you for your help in setting up our new structure for physical classification of documents and for the electronic version as well. I know this system will not only help us to work more efficiently but it will allow us to transition to a paperless system when we are ready. I really appreciated you staying in Montreal for the weekend we could complete the electronic filing and be ready to operate again on our next business day. Once again, thank you for your help.

Diana Lidstone

I’ll admit it — I love to read information in printed format as opposed to online!  So that means, I print off LOTS of information.  However, in the past I didn’t have a great filing system and didn’t file the papers regularly (unless you call the pile on the floor - filing).  My office was chaos.  So I hired Valerie.  She arrived with a completely done, color coded filing system (that anyone can use)and we went to work!  Not only was she thorough in explaining the system but also very patient!  Now I have a filing system and I set aside 15 minutes at the end of every day to put my papers away!  I know that I’m saving time every single day because I know where all my papers are located!  Every entrepreneur should hire Val to set up a time-saving system.


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